Natural Harmony: Jade’s Story


Gail Albrechtson

Natural Harmony
Editions:Paperback: $ 20.00
ISBN: 141200392X
Pages: 204

The moving and unforgettable life story of an endearing little girl born with distinct challenges. Her whimsical, loving spirit captured the hearts of everyone she met.

Reviews:Natalka Gach Lee on Amazon wrote:

Gail has a gift, this book is proof. From the moment I began reading the first page, I could not put this book down. Gail has invited us to share some of her most intimate thoughts about being the mother of a special needs child. I was captivated by her gentle way of telling their story. Through tough times and triumphs this was a story worth telling. A good book is entertaining, a great book teaches us. I have learned a great deal about gratitude.

Silvia Corradin on Goodreads wrote:

I don't often review books after I read them, but this one touched my heart. Being a Special Need mom myself, I could relate to Gail's story and having an adorable child who suffered greatly. Thank You Gail for your well written memoir! I could not put it down!

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