My Son: Living Life With Down Syndrome: First Year of Life


Amy Sprague 

My Son Living Life With Down Syndrome First Year of Life
Editions:Kindle: $ 6.99Paperback: $ 9.95
ISBN: 0595374034
Pages: 48

Bits and pieces from Bruce Carroll's Sometimes Miracles Hide describe My Son: Living Life With Down Syndrome, First Year of Life."Sometimes miracles hide, God will wrap some blessings in disguise, you may have to wait this lifetime to see the reasons with your eyes, cause sometimes miracles hide. Though she was not like the other girls, they thought she was the best and through all the years of struggle, neither whispered one regret. See to them it did not matter why some things in life take place, they just knew the joy they felt when they looked into her face."

Reviews:etckt on Amazon wrote:

I recommend this short but great read.

Although this is a pretty short book, it's filled with some great stories and a lot of emotion. I can't imagine going through this at such a young age. The author does a great job of sharing her story, and I like that it comes across as if she was just sitting around talking as a friend rather than being standoffish or not as forthcoming (especially on such a sensitive subject).

(Sorry, Ms. Sprague, for not being a verified purchaser so it could help you more. My closest friend and I used to trade books all the time, so my eventual Kindle purchase (and ebooks) went on the same account so we could easily trade without it being our one share. I don't use that account for reviews though, so my apologies. Anyway, thank you for sharing something so personal.)

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