My Life with Lanie A Special Girl


K. Vanderwee

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Pages: 221

"This is a story of encouragement for anyone who cares for some-one with a disability, or in fact for anyone with problems in their lives, as we all have from time to time. It deals with the outcome over the most part of a lifetime and how to manage it. Attitude is paramount. Lanie is a girl born with Down Syndrome in the late 1950's. She takes part in the family like everyone else as far as possible considering her differences. It covers her early life when services were limited, through schooldays, workshops and travel overseas--all placed in perspective with the news of the day from the fifties to the present day. Lanie has done very well and is an inspiration to others with difficulties. From her mother's point of view, the experiences of the times are nostalgic, often humorous and very entertaining. It is not only about someone with Down Syndrome, it is a record of the past and a good story"--Back cover.


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