Living with Max


Sandy Lewis

Living with Max
Editions:Paperback: $ 28.91
ISBN: 0091922097
Pages: 256

Max is remarkable because of the courage and tenacity he shows, despite the challenges he has had to face * Telegraph * [Sandy Lewis] tells the extraordinary story of a boy who overcame incredible odds and bitter prejudice to achieve his dreams * Daily Mail * To know Max is to be capsized by his intelligence and by his mature sense of self; and he knows who he is -- Richard Eyre, Director of 'Notes on a Scandal' Living with Max is a loving book, and Max really deserves to enjoy his precious life -- Lynda La Plante This is a delightful book about a funny, adorable boy -- Judi Dench Read less

Reviews:Kel on Amazon wrote:

This was by far the most poorly written book for parents of a child with DS I have ever read. She makes it sound worse than it is and I'm left months and months later explaining to my relatives that my daughter is not like this.

Beth Lee on Goodreads wrote:

It was a good book, about a little boy with Down syndrome and gives an insite into what it was like growing up to (0-13yrs) and showed his great personality and zest for life. Would read it again, it is written by his mum who has gone through struggles of her own e.g depression, alcohol and people critising her and looking down on max. He does not let anything bother him, and even gets a starring role in a drama on tv.

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