Living With a Rock Star and a Super Hero


Amie MerzĀ 

Living With a Rock Star and a Super Hero
Editions:Kindle: $ 9.21Paperback: $ 13.21
ISBN: 0692426051
Pages: 122

When our first son Lucas was born, we were overwhelmed new parents with no idea how to soothe our crying baby. Once we learned he had Sensory Processing Disorder and we received guidance from professionals, we finally felt we had a handle on things.

What we didn't know was this was preparation for an even bigger challenge, becoming parents to a child with Down Syndrome. We had no knowledge of the diagnosis before Ben was born, but we learn new things every day. It turns out that he teaches us instead of the other way around.

This book is part memoir, part educational information about what worked for us. Nothing is set in stone, and what we expect is rarely ever what we get. But we have learned to go with it.

Ben doesn't know he has a disability. He thinks he's a rock star and his brother is his hero. And we don't disagree.

Reviews:lmidori on Amazon wrote:

I have the pleasure of calling Amie a friend, she has not changed a bit in the 25+ years since I met her. It has been such a blessing to follow her meaningful career and share in the lives of her family. This book was such a sweet and thoughtful view into her daily life with 2 wonderful kids and a supportive husband and family. Thank you Amie for sharing your brilliant life!

Dawn Hrebec on Amazon wrote:

I could not put this book down and read it in one night! This is a quick read and enjoyable read. The desire to learn about resources and be your own advocate while learning from every situation was inspirational. Kudos and can't wait for the sequel.

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