Journey with Jeff: Inspiration for Caregivers of People with Special Needs


Sybil Y. Reisch

Journey with Jeff
Editions:Paperback: $ 17.99
ISBN: 1419660993
Pages: 358

When Jeffrey Reisch was diagnosed with Down syndrome, his parents stumbled, but never lost their faith that God had chosen Jeffrey to spread His love and His word. Journey with Jeff: Inspiration for Caregivers of People with Special Needs by educator, author, and caregiver Sybil Y. Reisch speaks frankly of the heartache in equal measures of the joyful surprises of her twenty-seven year journey with her son. Along with her family and growing community support, she shares a poignant message of sorrow and celebration for caregivers and families of children and adults with special needs.

Reviews:MikeL on Amazon wrote:

We've become a culture obsessed by reality TV and perhaps have sacrificed some realities of the heart. When you read Journey with Jeff, those heart realities suddenly become very real. With humor, insight, pathos and joy, a mother speaks of what at one time was unspeakable. By the time you finish reading this journey, you'll pause to marvel how those we seek to help, do so much more to actually help us. The realities of raising a child with developmental disabilities, blaming neither fate, nor circumstances, nor God, reveals the heart of love in parenting but even more important, reveals the heart of love within their son. Their journey speaks to the affirming hope all parents can discover despite the variety of challenges at their door. It's a journey and story of faith whereby a bitter reality becomes a better reality. Turn off the tube and get the book. It's good for the heart!

Janda on Amazon wrote:

Hi, I loved this book Journey with Jeff. I read it a few months ago...and I learned so much. I work with Adults that have Developmental Disabilities.. and I learned more from this book than conferences I have attended. Sybil writes from the heart...and I learned such wisdom from her book, not just about Developmental Disabilities..yet about life, and positive and realistic perspectives. Hearing from a mother/parent perspective was so helpful in the field I am in.. I feel this needs to be a training tool for anyone going into the field of helping people with Developmental Disabilities.
Thank you Sybil for sharing your, and good wisdom!

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