Journey Through Our Stories, Love and Inspiration: Congenial Heart Defects and Down Syndrome – You are not alone


Sharon Lee Hobbs

Journey Through Our Stories
Editions:Paperback: $ 6.99
ISBN: 1490381260
Pages: 88

Congenial Heart Disease/Defect and Down Syndrome "Congenital Heart Disease/Defect" (CHD) refers to a problem with the heart's structure and function due to abnormal heart development before birth. Congenital means present at birth. CHD can describe a number of different problems affecting the heart. It is the most common type of birth defect. Congenital heart disease is responsible for more deaths in the first year of life than any other birth defects. Many of these defects need to be followed carefully. Some heal over time, others will require treatment. There needs to be more awareness and more testing. Won't you help get the word out?" I wanted to create another inspirational booklet. After talking to some very special people I began to announce the booklet and what we wanted to do. We wanted to create something beautiful, supportive and loving all at the same time. Many trusted me with their stories and their photos. This booklet is not about me or my needs. This booklet is about real people, who have traveled a journey you would not want to travel. This is their story they were willing to share with others. They reached way down in their hearts in the hope that this will have an impact and raise awareness. It is about love, trust, faith and knowing awareness is happening. This is a booklet of several true inspirational stories shared by many who have traveled their own journey with CHD and DS. Opening their hearts, these parents wanted to share their stories, to help raise awareness and to possibly help someone else. Throughout the booklet I chose to share some things I had written or used previously in another inspirational booklet. We hope together, we can give you some insight and a little bit of comfort. I believe our message is clear. YOU ARE NOT ALONE on your journey with Congenial heart Disease/Defect and/or Down Syndrome.

Reviews:Karen Silvers on Amazon wrote:

Amazing, intimate little book with stories of families with special needs children. Makes you realize how much we take for granted and changes you perspective on how we live our lives these days.❤

C.Fox on Amazon wrote:

I got to know the author through e-mails and she was a very down to earth loving and caring person. What she did in this book to educate and offer hope to children and parents that they are not alone during their wonderful journey through life. Beautiful book everyone should read, plus my daughters story is on page 5! I miss my conversations with Sharon, she passed away shortly after the book was published, heaven has a new angle for our children!

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