Jodel: A Christian Mother’s Journey Raising a Child with Disabilities


Iloma Brown

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ISBN: 1777032806
Pages: 106

After the Lord blessed us with three healthy little boys, me and my husband, expected that our fourth child would be healthy. I had prayed for a little girl and was excited when God finally gave me my heart’s desire.

However, after meeting with my doctor, my excitement quickly turned to heartache. I was so devastated, I began to cry while my husband stood by my hospital bed looking so sad.

The news the doctor gave us completely changed our world.

He diagnosed our newborn daughter with Down Syndrome. This was something that no one in our family or church community had experienced before.

If you are a mother of a child with disabilities, I hope this book will help serve as a guide and a reminder that you are not alone. In this book, I highlight the specific struggles I faced and share inspiration from mothers in the Bible, specially selected Bible passages and prayers to help you emerge victoriously.

Reviews:Janet on Amazon wrote:

Insightful revelation about how parents cope with the many challenges of raising a child with disabilities.

Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

In Iloma Browns autobiographical book 7 Spiritual Lessons for Mother’s Of Special Needs Children, we look through the author's eyes and the everyday struggle with raising a daughter with Down Syndrome. She takes us through the emotional rollercoaster that cane with the new changes she would have to make becoming a caregiver of a child with special needs. Her book reveals chapter by chapter the way that her relationship with Christ became stronger and how she had to exercise her faith to get her through her weakest moments. Brilliantly, she enclosed prayers at the end of chapters, that her audience can use as their spiritual guide to overcome their similar circumstances.

I thoroughly enjoyed 7 Spiritual Lessons for Mother’s Of Special Needs Children. The writing is transparent and flows naturally, which catches readers' attention and makes it truly inspirational literary piece. It also lends us both good and bad moments in her life which are very relatable, especially to a person who is struggling with this new transition as a parent. I find it a great read for someone who has a child with the similar disability or knows someone that has a child with Down Syndrome and it struggling with their faith.

7 Spiritual Lessons for Mother’s Of Special Needs Children goes above and beyond in relaying it’s message that “God will see you through” and lends an awesome testimony that there is a “Blessing in every lesson” literally!

-Dahlia Riley

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