Hey, Bub!: Two Brothers and a Chromosome to Spare


Steve Prater

Hey Bub
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ISBN: 1460289099
Pages: 168

“Hey, Bub!” was the familiar greeting Tom Prater used throughout his life.  He was born with Down syndrome in 1949, and in spite of his disabilities, became a beloved and integral part of his family and community.  While his speech was limited to phrases of just a few syllables, he found other ways to communicate and won the hearts of everyone who met him.   Despite being beset by health concerns and institutional systems that were far from ideal, he found resilience and joy.

This is the story of two brothers, their childhood adventures, and their lifelong bond. In it, his brother Steve—bunk mate and partner in crime—reflects on their time together and the many lessons he’s still learning from his older brother.

When the world feels overwhelming or complex, we all seek answers from those who seem to have it all figured out.  Tom leaves ample clues to happiness through his parables involving marshmallows, swing sets, bowling and dancing.

Reviews:S. Thomsen on Amazon wrote:

A touching autobiographical story by Steve Prater, who grew up with a Down Syndrome brother. It expresses the love and challenges of Down Syndrome people and their families. Prater is able to entertain with humorous tales of growing up the 50's and 60's, in a style similar to Bill Bryson.
I read this book aloud to my husband as we were travelling across country. At times, I laughed so uncontrollably that I couldn't continue, and at other times the lump in my throat made it hard to read. This is a must read, to better understand a Down Syndrome brother's gentle spirit, and the historical changes in the treatment and care of Down Syndrome people.

Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

I absolutely LOVED this book. Working with mentally disabled adults, myself, I could relate to the writer.

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