He Has Up Syndrome Not Down Syndrome


Caroline Jean Brandt

He Has Up Syndrome Not Down Syndrome
Editions:Paperback: $ 18.99
ISBN: 1413760414
Pages: 61
This is a true story that will touch your heart in a way you have never before experienced. A grandmother, mother and daughter—these I had to be to tell this story of my Up Syndrome grandson and the tears, laughs and smiles that he has brought to the lives of many. It’s about how my family overcame the obstacles they encountered with their gift of a wonderful child.
Reviews:Carrie Fran on Amazon wrote:

Very touching story about a family dealing with a Down Syndrome child. Reads very well and fast.. The author is very honest in her writi

Maria on Amazon wrote:

This book tells of a grandmother's reaction to the birth and ongoing life of a down syndrome boy. I bought it in the expectation of learning something useful about another person's view of this syndrome. I was very disappointed as the book was very slight, ill written, and I learnt nothing of the little boy himself. His fears and pleasures and his joy or sadness in life were not touched on. I admire the grandmother's desire to share her experiences but for me they were too closely focused on herself . Basically when you could forgive the poor writing , the book was dull. I also have a grandson with the same syndrome and I learnt nothing new here.

Jeff Nielson on Goodreads wrote:

As a brother and a father to someone with Down Syndrome I am biased about these people-this book is an enjoyable read about the journey of acceptance-

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