Gifts: Mothers Reflect on How Children with Down Syndrome Enrich Their Lives


Kathryn Lynard

Editions:Kindle: $ 18.99Paperback: $ 19.83
ISBN: 9781606132760
Pages: 350

This commemorative 10th anniversary edition of Gifts includes 10 new personal stories, along with where are they now updates on many of the children and families featured in the first edition. Gifts is the much-loved collection of over sixty essays written by mothers who share their truths about raising children with Down syndrome. Powerful then and powerful now, it affirms over and over that a life with an extra chromosome is one worth living.

The contributors to this collection have diverse personalities and perspectives, and draw from a wide spectrum of ethnicity, world views, and religious beliefs. Some are parenting within a traditional family structure; some are not. Some never considered terminating their pregnancy; some struggled with the decision. Some were calm at the time of diagnosis; some were traumatized. Some write about their pregnancy and the early months after giving birth; some reflect on years of experience with their child.

The writers' diverse experiences point to a common truth: the life of a child with Down syndrome is something to celebrate. These women have a message to share--not just with other mothers but with genetic counselors, obstetricians, and the rest of us. In particular, Gifts, 10th Anniversary Edition, provides new parents with a source of up-to-date, positive, and realistic insight that is too often missing when they are facing a pre- or postnatal diagnosis of Down syndrome.

Reviews:Patty Matos on Amazon wrote:

I bought this book to read to see how the parents coped with the diagnosis of down syndrome. As a parent myself of a down syndrome child I was very interested in reading it. My daughter was a gift from God.She gave me so much and taught me so much. Unfortunately she passed away in Jan.2012 at the age of 41. She had a heart defect that couldn't be repaired in the 1970's. I was truly blessed to have had her, and I miss her every minute of every day.

Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

Absolutely phenomenal and beautifully written, inspirational book of essays from mothers with children who happened to be born with Down Syndrome... Many stories included the parents' "shock" after learning of the diagnosis but every story demonstrates the consistent acceptance and love of their beautiful children regardless of the diagnosis. I have identical twins with DS and this book was a bastion of hope amidst many amazingly dismal books about the down-side and "typical" delays my boys would face instead of and the very happy and high-quality life that is possible. Every parent of a child born with Down Syndrome should receive a copy of this book upon the birth of their special child.

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