For The Love


Gina Favazza-Rowland

For The Love
Editions:Kindle: $ 15.00Paperback: $ 15.00
ISBN: 1453658726
Pages: 200

A memoir about two sisters, one sister with a sole purpose...or so they thought, and one sister with an undefined purpose...or so they assumed.

Follow them as they journey beyond their small New England seacoast town to Las Vegas, where they learn not only about each other, but about themselves. Through the trial and tribulations they face, roles are changed and the preconceived perceptions of societies 'norms' are proven false.

This is a story of relationships, of expectations and barriers broken, a true story of pure, unconditional love and the limits to which one will go to protect this.

A story of inspiration that will hopefully open the eyes of ignorance, into the light of love.

Reviews:Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

"For The Love" is an increadible story written by a very gifted writer! The trials and tribulations that these two very brave and extraordinary women had to go through to get to where they are today is an inspiration to us all! The emotions, and feelings in this book are described so vividly by the author, they are TANGIBLE! It felt as if we were having coffee together and talking...not the "disconnected" feelings you sometimes get from a true story...These sisters have a bond that very few of us can say we have with our siblings or loved ones. You will not be able to "walk away" from this story without feeling your eyes and heart have been opened to understand the term "unconditional love". Please read this book. You will be AMAZED at how it will change your outlook on the term "disability", and how quickly and easily you will be able to replace it with the phrase "different ability" as that is truly what is given to these special individuals...these "Angels from Heaven", who were sent down to bless only those of us who are deserving...I hope that the author writes more books, so we can watch the story progress...I will be first in line to get a copy!

Leigh Perkowski on Amazon wrote:

It may have been self-published and needed a real editor, but if you have a sibling with DS and you need to feel some experiential camaraderie you may enjoy this book.

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