For the Love of Matthew Growing Up With Down Syndrome


Janice Credit Houska

For the Love of Matthew
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99Hardcover: $ 29.99
ISBN: 1469141647
Pages: 214
Paperback: $ 19.50
ISBN: 1553951719
Pages: 200
A mother bares her soul as she tells the story of finding out her son has Down syndrome, and the grief, pain and guilt that follow. Her story is interwoven with family tragedies and joys as she devotes her life to teaching him, making sure everything possible is done to ensure his growth and learning. A fine young man emerges who is reading at three and by the time he is ten, he is playing the piano. He has since added the harmonica, xylophone and guitar to his musical talents and he has preformed publicly for the past several years. A source of encouragement for parents of handicapped children, and for educators who wish to understand more closely the life of a child with Down syndrome.
Reviews:ErinP on Amazon wrote:

This book was awesomely inspirational! I loved reading about Matt Growing up! I can't wait to read the next book!

Barbara Mead on Amazon wrote:

This book is a first person account of a family, particularly mother and son, and their ability to grow and thrive in a challenging situation. Janice Credit Houska's story of how she and her husband learned of their son's diagnosis and rose to the circumstances is an inspiration. Matthew's eventual success in his life through his love of music and talent at the piano and his personal achievements leave the reader smiling. It is an excellent read!

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