Expanding the Rainbow: My Road to Adopting a Baby with Down Syndrome


Sarah-Jane Cavilry

Expanding the Rainbow
Editions:Kindle: $ 4.99Paperback: $ 7.17
ISBN: 1312818654
Pages: 228

The true story of a mother's journey toward her dream: adopting a child with Down syndrome.

Reviews:Betsy S. on Amazon wrote:

I found this book moving and informative as a single mom wanting to adopt a child with Down syndrome. Thank you

Jeri on Goodreads wrote:

This book made me cry, copious, splotchy, nose running, ugly faced cry. Not the pretty crying in movies. The perceptions, frustrations, lessons and setbacks. The joys, the love. I rooted for her and clapped when she called certain people out, the letter regarding ADA most of all. I laughed some too because this Sarah-jane is obviously a funny and extravagant gal. The book might strike you as being outside your normal “genre” but it shouldn’t. It’s a love story after all♥️

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