Erik’s Story


Linda Thompson

Erik's Story
Editions:Paperback: $ 13.92
ISBN: 1594330581
Pages: 160

Erik's Story is the true story of young Erik David Behnke, born with Down's Syndrome, autism, and at one time­--no future. His single mother, Linda Kay Thompson, takes a job in rural Kenny Lake, Alaska, as a special education teacher, determined to free the light she glimpses within her child. Where everyone struggles to survive in a frigid land, Linda finds more than a loving community; she discovers her oldest son is an artistic savant. Thrilled beyond her greatest hopes, she works tirelessly, helping him develop as a professional artist, which she knows absolutely nothing about, before he graduates from high school. Erik has three professional shows in Alaska his first year, which lead to his art being shown and sold around the world. Erik's Story is a triumph of survival, the faith of a family, and the grace that is love.

Reviews:Tamhack on Goodreads wrote:

Very inspirational book--about what hard work can do, faith, and being lead by the spirit. A mother's devotion to her children to do what is best. An interesting view of Alaska school system.

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