Down’s Upside: A Positive View of Down’s Syndrome


Eva Snoijink

Down's Upside
Editions:Hardcover: $ 117.06
ISBN: 9049106838
Pages: 216

The 101 portraits in this book let everyone take a look at the world of Down's syndrome - a world far removed from the stereotypical image.

Reviews:Courtney Shopper on Amazon wrote:

This book should be called a "realistic" view of Down syndrome. While the pictures and stories ultimately portray families' positive experiences after having their children with Down syndrome, the perspectives are true, raw and at times uncomfortable to read. But having children isn't always wrapped up in a nice little bow, and the parents featured along side their children in pictures uncover a truth about Down syndrome that is so rarely presented. The pictures are gorgeous and the children look like they have Down syndrome. My daughter wants to see photos of people who look like her - she gets a lot of joy from seeing herself in the faces and emotions of these little people. It's a real depiction of an often challenging family life nevertheless radiating an endless love and pride of each parent for their child.

Courtney on Amazon wrote:

beautiful book!! these pictures show the angelic beauty, which - is there, even though as we know, these angels can be just as devilish as any other typical children. brava for such an extraordinary look at such a beautiful subject. this book should be given to every new DS family on day one....! to help ameliorate the fear and sadness, which goes away anyways, as we get to know these exquisite beings we have been blessed by. also, so nice to see artistic takes on a subject which is too often dealt with in clinical, non-artistic terms. thank you eva!

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