Down Syndrome: Where do I start?


Sigrid Kaly

Down Syndrome Where do I start
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Pages: 124

One baby in every 600-700 live births is born with Down syndrome. This makes Down Syndrome the most common of all genetic, non-hereditary conditions. The presence of an extra chromosome in the cells of the body, means that people with Down syndrome exhibit certain physical and mental peculiarities which set them apart from the rest of the population.

To raise a baby with Down syndrome is a challenge for the whole family. The Kaly family took up this challenge with a heavy heart 44 years ago. This book describes their experiences, which they would like to share with other parents and the general community. Their positive message is: Down syndrome is not a tragedy – it is an issue that can be addressed. First and foremost, a person with Down syndrome is a human being with the same needs as everyone else.


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