Down Right Perfect


Kristina Bewley

Down Right Perfect
Editions:Hardcover: $ 21.95
ISBN: 1937592030
Pages: 44

About the Book: This book with its color photography and brief stories of children with Trisomy 21 (more commonly known as Down Syndrome) shows the children as they are-beautiful individuals with all the character and uniqueness parents are proud of in their kids. While anyone can admire the beauty and sparkle of the wonderful children in this book we do hope that it raises awareness of the tremendous responsibility that falls on the parents of children with Down Syndrome. All profits from this book go to charities that help parents bear that responsibility.


About the Author & Photographer: Kristina Bewley is the owner of Giselle Evelyn Photography Inc. It is named after her daughter, Giselle who was her inspiration for starting her own company. Giselle has Down Syndrome but it defines her about as much as her having hazel eyes, fluffy hair, and a silly laugh. Kristina and her husband (Matthew) dream of bringing her up in a world where anything is possible. And that is a lot of the inspiration behind Kristina's dreamy, whimsical, fairytale type style of photography... and for this book. While Kristina enjoys photographing anything and everyone, her favorites are children, babies, and special needs children. Aside from photography, she enjoys playing with her daughter, reading, eating Mexican or Japanese food, bargain hunting and antiquing. She attends the University of North Florida where she is majoring in Anthropology. Studying cultures is another one of her passions, and Kristina hopes that by having that degree and a minor in Fine Art, she can fuse the two loves together. She loves to volunteer her services to better the world and lives with Matthew and Giselle in Jacksonville, Florida.

Reviews: l1a2t3 on Amazon wrote:

Kristina captures the beauty of these children with her awesome photography. Parents revealing their own personal journeys validate the fears, emotions, and challenges that all parents feel parenting special needs children. The book portrays the joy that these children bring to our lives. A wonderful book for new parents, teachers, and family members of special needs children.

Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

Down Right Perfect is a beautiful work of art capturing the unique personalities of the children photographed. Although the stories mention the challenges these children with Down syndrome and their families face, it leaves no doubt that they can and will overcome and succeed. Also heartwarming is the fact that the proceeds benefit organizations that help precious children like those pictured in the book.

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