Down Is Up for Aaron Eagle: A Mother’s Spiritual Journey With Down Syndrome 


Vicki Noble

Down Is Up for Aaron Eagle
Editions:Hardcover: $ 24.03
ISBN: 0062507370
Pages: 198
Reviews:Cate on Goodreads wrote:

Not my favorite book, by any stretch. She's very new agey/flakey. If you're into the idea that kids with Down syndrome are magic, or possibly shamans, this would be the book for you.

I'm working on not being too judgmental, and she's happy and her kid seems happy, so more power to her. But I got more comic relief from this book than actual info. I'm rating it "it's ok" because, well, why not? to each their own.

High point: homebirth is okay because her midwife always dreams about any potential complications her patients will have. That way she can prepare.

Isn't that lucky?

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