Danny’s Challenge: Learning to Love My Son


Danny Mardell

Danny's Challenge
Editions:Hardcover: $ 9.92
ISBN: 1904977049
Pages: 212

Danny Mardell admits he wasn't a particularly nice kid. He picked on others - anyone different from himself. A tough East-End childhood, and a stint in the RAF, prepared him for almost all that life would throw at him: except the birth of his first child, Danny Junior, a little boy with Down Syndrome. This is the story of a self-confessed hard man, a reckless opportunist, who had to confront his own bigotry as he learned to love his disabled son.

Reviews:Louise Jones on Goodreads wrote:

a very easy quick book to read , it was a bit predictable but shows as most people who know a downs syndrome child they are very loving but it is different scenerio knowing that you are going to be looking after this child for the rest of your life !!! it is also noticeable that what goes around comes around with the bullying of a downs child when young then having one of your own . it was really moving reading about how it would be if everyone was encouraged to have an abortion if had such a child and how the NHS wants to persuade you to get rid as it costs such alot over a lifetime but that it is really scary what would be next in line and do we really want a master race . often we dont have the life we expect but it often turns out for the best !!!!! who wants a perfect life (less)

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