Changed By Chance: My Journey of Triumph Over Tragedy


Elizabeth Barker

Changed By Chance
Editions:Kindle: $ 8.95Paperback: $ 16.95
ISBN: 1631528106
Pages: 220

Elizabeth Barker spent years planning and working hard to achieve her version of the American dream - one that is supposed to culminate in parenthood and the role of supermom. But when her first child is born with Down syndrome and a fatal heart condition, her dream suddenly becomes a nightmare. And that’s only the beginning… Liz’s new reality is a detoured obstacle course of life altering encounters, medical mishaps, a breast cancer diagnosis, and cruel hardships. From the moment of her daughter’s birth, she is pummeled with life lessons that no schooling or formal education could have ever taught her. Can Liz keep her sanity and some semblance of her former self alive and well through all of this? Changed by Chance is a courageous story of soul searching introspection about how this champion acquired the necessary life skills to Triumph over Tragedy. Her inspiring journey offers a roadmap to others who may face their own bumps in the road.

Reviews:Carol S. on Amazon wrote:

I seriously could not put this book down. What a riveting story Elizabeth has to share. She certainly has triumphed over tragedy and I found her book to be so very inspiring. She's motivational without even meaning to be. The story is that of an ordinary woman who just hurdles one sad tragedy in life after another and comes away so much stronger than many would. I love that she's such a fighter, for her young daughters' every need, while caring for her newborn at the same time and her own health issues, and then again years later most especially for her unborn. I love how she gets what she needs for herself and her family by going back to her insurance company and getting her point across to doctors all while becoming a self advocate. As a mother myself, and a wife, I would only hope if I had gone through any of this, I would remain strong in faith, marriage and family and then had the courage to help others by sharing the story! Highly recommend to others to read. My husband is reading it now (and it's not his usual style of book), so that's really saying something. Buy this today and read it; I read it in less than two days. Hard to believe this is the first book she's written.

Lois Belliveau on Goodreads wrote:

Changed by Chance is an excellent memoir by Elizabeth Barker. It describes a 5 year period in her life when she suffered more than her share of tragic events. From the birth of a child with special needs and serious medical issues and frustrating battles with insurance companies through her recovery from breast cancer, Ms. Barker is strong, courageous, and determined to do "whatever it takes". This is a gripping story of hope and perseverance.

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