Camille’s Children: 31 Miracles and Counting


Camille Geraldi  (Author), Carol Burris (Author)

Camille's Children
Editions:Hardcover: $ 10.99
ISBN: 0836221443
Pages: 208

Celebrates the life and work of the Down Syndrome advocate


Describes life with thirty-one adopted children, many of whom are mentally or physically disabled, sharing advice on parenting, children, adoption, commitment, the handicapped, and love.
Reviews:Rebecca Danielson on Amazon wrote:

Great book about a wonderful couple who gave a life to many of the forgotten and rejected children in this world! God Bless them all!

Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

Poorly written book about what I'm sure is an interesting family's story. I was very excited about reading this book as we have also adopted some of our children, however the book is so poorly written than I can't even force myself to finish it.

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