Broken shells


Debbie Roome

Broken shells
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99Paperback: $ 10.50
ISBN: 1986985768
Size: 6.00 x 9.00 in
Pages: 266

The woman was young, beautiful, and obviously pregnant. Logan Marsh wondered what had urged her to walk into the icy, dark waters of Wellington Harbour, and whether she would thank him for rescuing her. Staying at a women's refuge run by Logan's aunt Greer, Taylor can feel life returning to her soul, but she won't speak about the mystery of her baby's father to anyone. Still unsure of her own feelings about all that has happened, Taylor draws strength from Logan's friendship and faith. But with all that she has to face, will it be enough? And can there ever be anything more than just friendship between them - especially when it seems Logan's ex-girlfriend is less "ex" than he has claimed? Meanwhile Donny, a young man with Down syndrome, has a secret he's been hiding. Worried, and unsure how to handle it, he waits for God's guidance, but Taylor is constantly on his mind. Told with deep insight and sensitivity, we follow Taylor's path from brokenness to restoration as God picks up the pieces and begins to put them back together as only He knows how. Broken Shells won the Rose & Crown New Novels competition 2012.

Reviews:Anne Hamilton on Goodreads wrote:

Super-enjoyed this warm inspirational romance between Logan and Taylor, the pregnant girl he rescues from Wellington Harbour when she attempts suicide. Its various poignant threads made for a richly textured read. I found myself particularly looking forward to the scenes which showcased the character of Donny, the boy-man with mild Downs Syndrome who is a big fan of CSI shows and knows just what to do when he witnesses a crime: gather evidence, of course, and put it in a very safe place.

Brian Wilson on Goodreads wrote:

The human shell can be resilient yet it can also be broken. But there is hope for out of the grit of brokenness a beautiful pearl can be formed. In her novel Broken Shells, Debbie Roome takes us into the phenemological world of Taylor, a young Christian woman with an unwanted pregnancy. This is a well written, captivating and inspirational New Zealand novel, and love story. For the discerning reader there are deeper meanings and spiritual truths. While this is not my type of novel this was a book I ended up thoroughly enjoying. I can well recommend this book.

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