Blessings: An Autobiographical Fragment


Mary Craig 

Editions:Kindle: $ 18.07
Pages: 176
Paperback: $ 20.99
ISBN: 1848251718
Pages: 176

Mary Craig’s moving account of how she found the strength to cope with the overwhelming problems of bringing up a profoundly disabled child, and how she survived when tragedy struck a second time, is one of the most outstanding autobiographies of our day. Against all the odds and despite her own crippling fears and anxieties, Mary found joy in the face of deep suffering by turning outwards to the needs of others, volunteering in the Sue Ryder Homes where concentration camp survivors enabled her to find fresh courage.

Since it was first published in the late 1970s, Blessings has won various awards, been serialized on BBC radio, appeared in numerous national bestseller lists, chosen by several eminent figures as their book of the year, published in a dozen languages and been the focus of television documentaries in the UK and the US.

This is an inspirational book for all who are struggling to make sense of any kind of suffering.

When Mary Craig's second child was born with a rare disease, she was overwhelmed with the problems of coping with a severe handicap. This new edition includes a new chapter which brings the story up-to-date, and also tells of Mary's fourth son, born with Down's Syndrome.

Reviews:Cathie Gerding on Amazon wrote:

If one wants to find meaning for suffering this is the book to read. Examples of strength and ways to live amongst adversity are strewn throughout this book and these ways are given by example with honesty and without preaching.

Annette mathews on Goodreads wrote:

This is the real life story of Mary Craig . She has four children where two of her children are mentally handicapped . But how she goes on with her life is what this story is all about. The struggles she face in her life,makes her better. She finds a calling in life, when she goes through dark times.She joins a group, which provides care and shelter to the homeless.
It was inspirational.She was committed to her social work,in spite of all her troubles.

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