Angel Unaware


Dale Evans Rogers

Angel Unaware
Editions:Kindle: $ 7.99
ISBN: 0800759311
Pages: 100
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ISBN: 0800759311
Pages: 96
ISBN: 0800712005
Pages: 64

Entertainers Roy and Dale Evans Rogers were thrilled when their little daughter Robin was born. But their excitement turned to concern when they were informed that Robin was born with Down's Syndrome and advised to "put her away." The Rogers ignored such talk and instead kept Robin, and she graced their home for two and a half years. Though Robin's time on earth was short, she changed her parents' lives and even made life better for other children born with special needs in the years to come. Angel Unaware is Robin's account of her life as she looks down from heaven. As she speaks to God about the mission of love she just completed on earth, the reader sees how she brought her parents closer to God and encouraged them to help other children in need. This book, which changed the way America treated children with special needs, is now available to a new generation. It is the perfect gift for parents of special needs children, parents grieving the death of a child, or anyone whose life has been touched by a special child.

Reviews:Kindle Customer on Amazon wrote:

Our family has been blessed with or granddaughter Isabella who also has Downs Syndrome.
Medical breakthroughs have made having a child diagnosed with Down less a death sentence to a life of great joy and a bright future. Bella is in main steam school and thankfully has no major health issues at this time in her life.
Our Pastor John King recommended we read this amazing little story told through Robin's heart. And we will in turn recommend it to others.
God Bless Sale Evans for writing this story and Glory to God for gracing her family if only for a little while with this little angel.

Dayle Lynne on Goodreads wrote:

It's been several years since I've read this book, but it had a strong impact on me for personal reasons.

My grandmother read this book when she was pregnant with my aunt and decided to name her child Dale after Dale Evans. My aunt was born with Down syndrome. I never knew her because she passed away at 10 years old (when my mom was only 4), but I was named after her and the memory of my aunt that was shared by family members is what guided me to go into special education.

As a former teacher and just as a human being, I am incredibly grateful to Dale Evans and Roy Rogers for the exposure they gave to children with special needs in a time when they were so often locked away.

This book honors their daughter, Robin and is told from her perspective. I only remember a few details from the book, but I remember quite clearly how beautifully Robin's story was told.

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