A Gift Named Jennie: An Angel Amongst Us


Elaine Barnett

A Gift Named Jennie
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.50
Pages: 170
Paperback: $ 16.95
ISBN: 1480084395
Pages: 118

An anecdotal biography of the author's daughter who was born with Down syndrome in 1981. This is the hilarious description of the episodes in her life, unplanned, that kept her family laughing. It is also the story of the gift she gave her family by being a part of her family and it is the tale of miracles that an angel brought to their home.

Reviews:amyo47 on Amazon wrote:

This book will uplift and bring joy to any who read it. Not only was Jennie a gift while here on earth but through reading this book her life continues to be a gift. Elaine describes the experiences of Jennie's life with her readers in a way that you feel like know Jennie even if you didn't. Many of the stories in this book, describing Jennie's life, teach us a great deal about the loving God that placed her here on this earth for a time. Jennie was close to God in a way that many of us will never experience and we can learn a great deal about how the Lord loves his children through reading her life story. When you are not in tears because of the sweetness of Jennie's innocence, you are laughing because of the funny things she said and did. This book is an easy read. It is in short chapter format which makes it simple to pick up and put down and come back later for more. It is a book you could share with children to teach them many things, yet is engaging for an adult also. Thanks to Elaine for sharing her gift with the rest of us.

Not a good read on Amazon wrote:

The most disturbing thing to me was all the incidents the author tried to pass off as "funny". They just made me sad. Hopefully she got the catharsis she needed by writing this book.

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