Doug’s Story

Douglas James Fry enjoys sports; he is a NASCAR, American football, baseball, and professional-wrestling fan. He has met famous athletes and sports figures like Dale Earnhardt, Mark Brunell, Chi Chi Rodriguez, Andy Barkett, and more. Doug has also worked twenty plus years at Publix Supermarkets as a model employee, is an avid traveler who has been to countless cruises, a video game enthusiast, a wannabe sailor, a singer, dancer, and all-around showman. He has touched the lives of people who have been fortunate enough to have met and befriended him. Doug is also a high-functioning young man with Down syndrome. This book chronicles Doug’s adventures but also tells of a unique individual who is always outspoken, charming, and has a strong desire to be independent. By sharing Doug’s story, the author-Doug’s father, Gary Fry-hopes to give inspiration and courage to families who have a person in the family with a disability and to educate those who do not understand people with disabilities. That in the end, the best way to help someone with a disability is to be a very patient coach, teacher, advocate-and friend.