Windows Into Heaven – Stories Celebrating Down Syndrome


Stacy Tetschner, Michelle Tetschner

Windows Into Heaven
Editions:Paperback: $ 14.95
ISBN: 0615221238
Pages: 140

Windows Into Heaven brings the stories of 30 different families that have been blessed by having someone with Down syndrome in their lives together to celebrate their amazing experiences. These stories give the reader positive insight into what someone with an extra chromosome can bring into their life, whether that reader be a new/expecting parent of a child with Down syndrome, someone seeking additional insight into Down syndrome all that Down syndrome is, or a person that is simply looking for uplifting and inspirational stories. Though children and adults with Down syndrome have intellectual disabilities, this books highlights the endless joys and possibilities they bring to the lives they touch.

Reviews: Scott Halford on Amazon wrote:

I know an OB/GYN who gives this book to all of his patients who have a Downs baby. His stories (told in generic terms because of confidentiality!) are ones where mom and dad go from sorrow and despair to hope and acceptance; even to sheer joy - and the book is a huge ingredient of moving them to that. If you or someone you know is touched by the beauty of a Downs baby, this is the book you give. This is the window into that world that we would all be so lucky to be touched by.

Tiffany J. on Amazon wrote:

I just started reading this book today and I am already almost done. I love everything about this book. I found myself crying tears of joy. It also helped me to realize how special I am that God chose me to be Raymond’s (the son of the authors) teacher. I would definitely recommend this book for parents, teachers, siblings, friends, therapists, doctors, etc.

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