The Pie Man


Gerry FitzGeraldĀ 

The Pie Man
Editions:Paperback: $ 17.15
ISBN: 1601459165
Pages: 536

Set in the coal fields of southern West Virginia, The Pie Man is the story of a woman's fight to save her marriage to an abusive husband, and her grandparents' farm from the destruction of mountaintop-removal coal mining.

Reviews:Linda b. on Amazon wrote:

I got this book as an audio book from our public library under the name "Redemption Mountain". I LOVED it!
As the previous reviews commented, you can't help but feel like you really know the characters and care for each of them. Having had some experience with young people with Downs Syndrome, I could easily picture "The Pie Man" and felt his character was portrayed with very realistic behaviors and emotions.
One thing that wasn't mentioned in the other reviews is how refreshing this book is, with no vivid descriptions of people having sex and no strong profanity. I am really not a prude, but I do get tired of some authors who feel the need to fill a whole chapter with every little detail and of the sex act and using the "F-bomb" every other word. I sincerely appreciated having those pages filled with character development and an interesting story that still has emotion and love and passion and anger and frustration expressed so beautifully. This is a book I can (and will) recommend to everyone without having to say "there are some parts and words that might be offensive". Thank you Mr. Gerry Fitzgerald for that gift to your readers. I am anxious to read your next work.

Chris on Amazon wrote:

Gerry's first novel is a gem. The characters come alive off the pages. The story gives you a historical sense of the background life and times to a unique part of the country. You can believe the good, bad and ugly that has surrounded this love story. I look forward to Gerry's next.

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