The Family She Needs


Sue MacKay 

The Family She Needs
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ISBN: 0263259404
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And Doctor makes three...Nurse Karina Brown only has room in her heart for one guy: four-year-old Mickey. Running a small-town surgery and looking after a little boy with Down's syndrome isn't easy, but Katrina wouldn't have it any other way! Until Mickey's co-guardian, gorgeous Dr Logan Pascale, moves in to their home - determined to sell up! His heart is on lockdown but soon, united in their love for Mickey, Logan and Karina are falling for each other too! Can Karina persuade Logan that everything he needs is right under her roof...already?

Reviews:Nancy on Amazon wrote:

Research before writing characters with Down syndrome

Karina Brown was named guardian for her best friend's child. Logan Pascale was also named as co-guardian for his brother's child. The same child. And now they have to step into the role of guardians as her best friend, Maria and his brother James have died. The child supposedly has Down syndrome.
The problem with using Down syndrome in a story is huge. First of all unless you have first hand experience with Down syndrome you are likely going to "get it wrong." And your experience needs to be broad--as most people with Down syndrome have delays. This child in this story functioned as a "super downs". Very high functioning--to the point that the character seemed totally off and very distracting to the reader raising and loving a person with DS. This is a good writer--unfortunately she created an off-putting character for this reader. If I was rating this book I would have to give it a total fail--and yet I loved the romance part of the book. So at best a feel terribly ambivalent about the story. But her hero and heroine deserve a much higher opinion--so therefore shouldn't I be generous and give the other props for trying? And yet, because she chose to create a character and got it so terribly wrong, I can't.

Diana Tidlund on Goodreads wrote:

I recently read and fell in love with Sue MacKay and her books.
Today I read a copy of The Family She Needs and all I could do was cry. It was such a wonderfully written and heartwarming book I couldn't help it.
Nurse Karina Brown and Dr. Logan Pascale were terrifically written characters whose romance warmed my heart but four year old Mickey Pascale not only stole the show aka book but stole my heart right out from under me.
Mickey had me laughing and crying all at once. You couldn't help feel for the little boy who lost tragically had just lost his parents what person couldn't? Certainly not his uncle Logan or his mothers best friend Karina who dropped everything to be there for this little boy whose life was made harder due to his Downs Syndrome.
The love they shared for this heart-warming and heart-wrenching at the same time little boy drew them together as nothing else could have but the most profound moment was when they realized someone else was hurting what they had come to view as their boy. As a sister of a handicapped boy I could understand the anguish they experienced at the thought... for me as a parent the thought was even more devastating.
These characters and "The Family She Needs" were all so well written you couldn't help but cheer them on, laugh with them and ultimately cry with and for them.
Would their love for Mickey be enough to bring them together for good? or would Karina's previous divorce and Logan's past as a captive on an island for years threaten their love? and family?!
If you love stories that grab your heart and tie it up but good then reading The Family She Needs is just what you need, to appreciate not only the writings of Sue MacKay but your life as a whole.

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