The Book of Wizzy


Ann Chamberlin

The book of Wizzy
Editions:Paperback: $ 19.50
ISBN: 1942756704
Pages: 328
Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 328

Eighteen-year-old Brittany Bingham is working as a housekeeper for posh condominiums in Park City when she discovers a body in a hot tub. Dead. Brittany's parents are serving an LDS mission in Southern California. Whom should she call?
Why, her aunt Helen Snow, of course.
But Helen has her own problems. She's still mourning the loss of a daughter with Down syndrome who died fifteen years ago at age three. Though Wizzy's sweet, angelic spirit visits her every day, no one understands that she's the source of her inspiration, just as no one can know Helen's celestial marriage is on the rocks. Should Helen accept her bishop's call to be Relief Society president and tune out everything else, even Wizzy? Or should she respond to Brittany and learn how handsome Dave Jaramillo died?
Are yams appropriate in a compassionate-service casserole?
Who will kidnap the dog Horehound?
And forget about the sins of tea and coffee. Who drank the kombucha?

Reviews:Mike on Amazon wrote:

The Book of Wizzy by Ann Chamberlin is the story of a young girl Brittany Bingham who finds a dead body in a hot tub while cleaning one of her client's homes. With no one else to call, she turns to her aunt, Helen. Ann Chamberlin caught my attention on page one and kept me quickly turning the pages to find out what would happen next. I found that the pace set in The Book of Wizzy was easy to follow and I quite enjoyed the way the book played out. When I come across a good book, I strive to make sure that I pass on the joy of reading to anyone who is interested. This genre has piqued my interest and has reinvigorated my love for reading. If you are interested in this genre at all, I would definitely give this book a read. You will not regret it.

Nari on Goodreads wrote:

The main character in the book is Helen Snow. She was a little bit of a different character to me. She is struggling in her marriage. She hears the voice of her dead daughter Wizzy in her head. She is her wards newly called Relief Society President. In this book, she helps her niece who has discovered a dead body in a hot tub, struggles through being a Relief Society president and tries to find happiness in her marriage. This book has a good mystery. I struggled with her view of being a Relief Society president and her marriage.

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