Tangled Webs


Barbara M. Robinson

Tangled Webs
Editions:Kindle: $ 6.99Paperback: $ 12.00
ISBN: 0557078938
Pages: 158
Hardcover: $ 26.99
ISBN: 0557091284
Pages: 160

Bringing up a child is a time-consuming but rewarding task for any parent. But what is it like for the parent of a child with disabilities? What then?

Anxious and concerned parents, conscientious or dismissive caregivers, arrogant or caring do-gooders, insensitive or dedicated professionals, all come together to form Tangled Webs through which the journey of a child with disabilities and her family is portrayed. This is the story of the dedication of the people who supported Sharon, who was born with Down Syndrome. She matures despite all headaches, problems, and doomsayers, to become independent from her family. It is a story of triumph in a world of adversity.

Tangled Webs has a message for everyone in today's society; parents, educators, social workers and medical care providers; anyone who has contact with people with disabilities.

Reviews:Carolyn Macdonald on Amazon wrote:

This book, about a beloved child with Down Syndrome, was written by a life-long friend. Her excellent articulation was always a characteristic of her life. However, she has used it in a remarkable way in this book. Her ability to see humour in situations, her willingness to discuss the wide range of emotions that accompany the welcoming into a family of a child with special needs, her obvious determination to see Sharon realize her full potential ( and the battles often resulting in the wider community) gave me a greater appreciation of the amazing gift this book is to us all. With its association with the L'Arche Community, we are all reminded of how much WE must learn FROM these sisters and brothers...It is a true ,optimistic resource book for parents facing this journey..and a story of love at its best.

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