Solved In Silence


Glen Sheppard

Solved In Silence
Editions:Kindle: $ 9.90
Pages: 246
Paperback: $ 20.00
ISBN: 095818061X
Pages: 246

You are Sarah Beechworth. You have Down Syndrome, autism and you cannot speak. Your only means of communication is by pointing at letters on a board. Your good friend has died and her death has been written off as an awful accident. You believe that foul play is at hand and so you begin to unravel the mystery and find justice for your friend.

About the Author:

Glen was born 12th October, 1979 with Down Syndrome & was diagnosed at an early age with severe Autism. Glen also does not have the ability to speak as regular people do. Glen communicates through what is called ‘facilitated communication’. He points at letters on a plastic alphabet board and a facilitator reads it out. Glen has just completed his latest and greatest book titled ‘Solved in Silence’. It is a murder mystery novel with a great deal of suspense and also gives intricate insight into the world of disability.
Reviews:Anne-Maree Northey on Amazon wrote:

I just finished Solved In Silence by Glen Sheppard. A murder mystery written by a young man with Down Syndrome. I greedily read it in 2 days & really enjoyed. Thank Glen for the insight into a world few people know anything about.

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