Showers in Season


Beverly LaHaye

Showers in Season
Editions:Kindle: $ 1.99
ISBN: 0310242967
Pages: 400
Hardcover: $ 11.30
ISBN: 0310221382
Pages: 380
Paperback: $ 12.59
Pages: 400
Audiobook: $ 14.95

On the quiet cul-de-sac of Cedar Circle, where neighbors are close friends, fierce winds of circumstance threaten to sweep one couple away. Their Down's Syndrome pregnancy is shattering news for Tory and Barry Sullivan, but the option Barry proposes is abhorrent to Tory. It will take a wisdom and strength greater than their own to carry them through. That, and the encouragement only a loving, close-knit community can provide. Over kitchen counters and across the miles, the women of Cedar Circle lend their support to Tory and to each other as all of them face their personal struggles, heartaches, and joys. Shining with bright faith and friendship that illuminates the stormiest night, Showers in Season explores the junction of life's realities, the cost of obedience, the power of relationships, and the promises of God.

Reviews:Christine Indorf on Goodreads wrote:

I have forgotten how much I love this series!!! I can’t seem to read anything else I’m totally hooked!!! This book is about tori and Barry finding out that they are having a Down syndrome child. Barry wants her to get an abortion because. His brother has special needs and he doesn’t want his daughter growing up like he did. Tori refuses to do so. What will ever happen to the relationship and their child?? Will God change Barry heart. A wonderful book!!! A must read!!

Dorothy on Goodreads wrote:

Very good story of friendships among four women who live entirely different live. Their children, their husbands and school problems all add up to real life living. Realizing you will give birth to a Downs Syndrome baby is bad enough and to have your husband want you to have an abortion complicates the whole thing. God is in charge of the situation as they soon find out. Recommend everyone read this.

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