Season of Blessing


Beverly LaHaye

Season of Blessing
Editions:Hardcover: $ 11.35
ISBN: 0310233283
Pages: 400
Kindle: $ 4.99
ISBN: 0310233283
Pages: 410
Paperback: $ 12.99
Pages: 400
Audiobook: $ 14.95

The fourth and final novel about the trials and joys of the residents of Cedar Circle. Sylvia Bryan has been feeling weak and tired, but is shocked when her internist finds a malignant lump in her breast. She and her husband can’t understand why God is allowing cancer to attack at a time when their missionary work is going so well. As Sylvia undergoes a mastectomy and chemotherapy, the rest of the neighbors pull together to support her, even while coping with the stress of their own lives. Steve and Cathy experience problems with their blended family. Tory and Barry struggle to raise their Down Syndrome child. Brenda’s husband, David, who is not a believer, watches from the sidelines. Season of Blessing realistically portrays the all-too-common crises of both health and faith. How will God answer prayer? What will this latest trial do to their friendships? Terri Blackstock and Beverly LaHaye skillfully weave together the story of the lives of a group of neighbors who experience the overcoming power of Christ’s love.

Reviews:Linda Husvar on Goodreads wrote:

The authors did a magnificent job telling the story of Sylvia's struggle with breast cancer. Their description of the progressive stages of treatment seemed realistic. Leaning on their faith, her family and friends were deeply affected by Sylvia's plight. They were also coping with issues of blended families, youth incarceration, raising a Down's Syndrome child, and financial pressures. I liked the character development resulting from the various relationships. This is a must read for anyone interested in life for breast cancer patients and their families.

Courtney Wallace on Goodreads wrote:

I enjoyed this book and cried a few times while reading it. The only problem I have is regarding teaching the Down Syndrome kids about Jesus. Not that they shouldn't be taught about Jesus..they definitely should. But the references to having a "black heart" did not sit well with me. I personally feel that kids with Down Syndrome are pure in heart and do not need to ask Jesus to change their "black hearts."

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