Karissa’s Hope


Kathy Eberly

Karissas Hope
Editions:Paperback: $ 987.25

When John Drake meets Karissa Banks at Downtown Mall, he is grateful for the kindly Mrs. Claus who ministers to his Down syndrome sister in a crisis. He is later surprised to learn that in reality she is the competent director of People Possibilities, a resource company committed to the enrichment of mentally challenged individuals and their families. He begins to be charmed by her warmth and compassion.

Karissa Banks values her friendship with John and learns they have much in common despite their obvious financial differences. Will Karissa and John live “happily ever after” or will her insecurities and a vengeful former flame destroy it all?

Reviews:Barbara Miles on Amazon wrote:

I read the book and it felt like a true story to me it touched my heart to the core, I highly recommend this book to anyone who has a heart for the human race and compassion for their brothers and sisters that share this world with then and I mean all people those with disabilities included we don't know how they can touch our hearts and this book showed it I beautifully, I loved it

Jeanne F. Brooks on Amazon wrote:

KATHY EBERLY managed to bring to life her characters right off the pages of her book. They became so real that the reader feels a part of the friendship circle watching the events unravel. Her subject for the backdrop, that of obesity and bariatric surgery, was most unusual and not one seen in fiction, but it made for an engaging story. The various twists and turns, sorrows and joys added to the drama to make this a lovely debut novel. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS BOOK.

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