Karina Has Down Syndrome: One Family’s Account of the Early Years with a Child who has Special Needs


Cheryl Rogers

Karina Has Down Syndrome
Editions:Kindle: $ 27.38Paperback: $ 28.82
ISBN: 1853028207
Pages: 116

We mourn the death of the child we had assumed I had given birth to, yet dearly love the baby we have. We want our child, but don't want her to have Down Syndrome...'

Since their initial shock at their daughter's disability, Karina's parents have experienced the challenges and joys of raising a child with special needs. Gun Dolva and Rodney Potter have taken advantage of available services and programmes, and their own imaginations, to devise stimulating activities to assist her to develop to her full potential. They aim to provide her with every opportunity to fully participate in the community.

This is the account of Karina's first six years, as told to Cheryl Rogers. Karina Has Down Syndrome is a valuable resource for the families of Down Syndrome children, teachers and disability service workers.

Reviews:Jen on Goodreads wrote:

There wasn't a whole lot to this book, and what was there was pretty boring. The mom seemed very detached to me; it was really clinical in its approach. I really didn't get anything out of this book. But thanks, Lisa, for sending it my way!

Christine on Amazon wrote:

This book helped me to realize that there are many parents out there who are faced with life changing news everyday. Through reading the experiences in this book, it showed me the different emotions wrapped up in families with disabilities. I am studying to be a special education teacher, and I know that this book will be a reference for me when relating to the parents of my students. If you are a special educator, or anyone whose life has been touched by a child with a disability, you MUST purchase this book!

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