Jam Sandwiches


Greg Fowler

Jam Sandwiches
Editions:Paperback - Out of Print

Abandoned at hospital as a new born when his mother discovered he had Down Syndrome; all but imprisoned in his bedroom by a resentful grandmother, Eddy Sullivan had every right to believe the world was a cruel and unforgiving place. But Eddy wasn’t made that way. Using his solitary connection with the real world, his bedroom windows, Eddy not only manages to communicate with those about him, he touches them in ways they could never have imagined. He more than changes lives, he literally saves them. Behind this ability to turn his greatest challenges into gifts of uncommon wisdom grows the most wondrous of trees. Much more than simply a collection of wood and leaves, this mystical and magical tree reaches into Eddy’s prison, transforming not just his bedroom but the life of this very special boy. It releases a deeper knowledge - things above and beyond his funnelled view of the world. Things he has no right to know. Things about people and places. Using this otherworldy knowledge and his desperate need to be wanted, to be good enough to be loved, Eddy teaches ‘his’ world how to love.

Reviews:Fleur D'Souza on Amazon wrote:

An amazing and inspirational story. Beautifully written and absolutely unable to be put down once started. If this was made into a movie (and it should be) I would be first in line to see it!

Amazon Customer on Amazon wrote:

Some lovely characterisation but having worked with students with Down Syndrome, it was too much of a fantasy to be realistic as the story progressed. An unexpected ending

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