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Catherine Gayle

Home Ice
Part of the Portland Storm series:
  • Home Ice
Editions:Paperback: $ 6.99
ISBN: 1942177143
Pages: 118
Kindle: $ 2.99
ISBN: 1942177143
Pages: 120
Audiobook: $ 5.99

USA Today bestselling author Catherine Gayle presents another novella in the Portland Storm hockey romance series.

There’s only one person in the world that Mattias Bergstrom allows to see his soft side: his younger sister, who was born with Down syndrome. She lives with their parents in Sweden, so there’s no worry of accidentally showing his players any part of himself other than the hard-assed former defenseman and current head coach of the Portland Storm. At least not until the doppelganger of Matti’s sister snags one of his young D-men in the corridor before the team’s skills exhibition event, and his frozen heart melts.

Paige Calhoun has her hands full with four exceedingly boy-crazy, hockey-loving daughters—three teenagers and one pre-teen with Down syndrome. Everyday life is hard enough, but then her ex-husband scores tickets for Paige to take the girls to the StormSkillz Competition. The magnitude of her task is further complicated when her youngest spots the hockey player of her dreams and barrels through the crowd to claim him as her own.

The team’s sexy-as-sin coach intervenes, and suddenly Paige feels just as boy crazy as her daughters. This girl might not be Matti’s sister, but he decides to give her and her sisters a weekend they’ll never forget. Too bad it never crossed his mind that in the process he might end up giving himself an unexpected happy ever after with Paige.

Reviews:Mary A. on Amazon wrote:

I was excited to read Bergy's story. Having read all the books in the series I was hoping that he would get his turn. This is a side of Bergy we haven't seen until now. I loved how the author showed, like in life, people often only let certain people see the 'real' them, the vulnerable person they can be.

Paige and Bergy are attracted to each other from first sight and for Bergy he is ready to act on it. Paige tries hard to be realistic, who wants to be serious with a woman with four daughters one of which has special needs. There is so much to love about Bergy. He has had experience with Down Syndrome but I just knew, even if he hadn't he would have reacted the same. Catherine did a tremendous job at showing that a person can do whatever they want as long as they put their heart and soul into it. I cannot say enough good things about this book. I loved it and recommend both Home Ice and the Portland Storm series.

Sandy Ross on Amazon wrote:

This story grabbed me when Paige's Down Syndrome daughter, Sophia, takes off across the arena after Levi "501" Babcock her favorite hockey player. Paige and her four daughters are at this hockey game because her ex-husband won tickets and couldn't take the girls. Coach Mattias intervenes and has Levi be Paige's and the girls personal guide for the whole game. Mattias, Paige, and the girls spend the weekend together doing various activities. Mattias lets them know that he has a sister that has Down Syndrome. Mattias and Paige even get to out on a date on their own one weekend when the girls are at their father's house. With the help of the other coaching staff they design a device that helps Sophia get out on the ice to skate. There are funny texting issues where Paige's auto correct calls Mattias "Beefy" instead of "Bergy".

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