Heat Wave (Twilight Cove Trilogy Book 2)


Jill Marie LandisĀ 

Heat Wave
Part of the Twilight Cove Trilogy series:
  • Heat Wave (Twilight Cove Trilogy Book 2)
Editions:Hardcover: $ 29.95
ISBN: 1585474916
Pages: 384
Paperback: $ 17.95
ISBN: 1611947170
Pages: 270
Kindle: $ 4.99
ISBN: 1611947170
Pages: 272
Audiobook: $ 14.95

He hired her to find his long-lost daughter, not to fall in love.

California private investigator Kat Vargas lives a lonely life of danger with a painful past. Desperate for rest and relaxation, she leaves the city lights of Long Beach to house sit in Twilight Cove, a tiny beach town.

Having recently found out about the baby he fathered when he was in high school, Ty Chandler has been eager to find her. After he learns about the P.I. in his neighborhood he hires her to find his now nineteen-year-old daughter.

Kat and Ty join forces to hunt for the girl and begin to fall in love. But Kat knows better than to give her heart away. Her tragic past can't be forgotten.

When she and Ty locate his daughter, Sunny, she's a cynical outcast, living hand-to-mouth, and caring for her baby. They coax her to Twilight Cove, where Kat becomes convinced Sunny is on the run from some kind of trouble.

Can these damaged loners form a family?

A seven-time Romance Writers of America finalist for the RITA Award, Jill Marie Landis also now writes The Tiki Goddess Mysteries (set on the island of Kauai, Hawaii, where she lives with her husband, actor Steve Landis.)

Reviews:Ann L. Willard on Amazon wrote:

Really enjoy the series books. Everyone of them is good from the start to finish and this book was no different. Highly recommend.

Jenna on Goodreads wrote:

this was good.
this three book series is decent. has some humor, some suspense.
i liked the characters. this was the 2nd in the series so it was nice to read about the partner from the 1st books detective agency. also, cool to see how the couple from the first book is doing.
i like that in series.
i was rooting for the teen daughter.
the story was engrossing.

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