Heartfelt (The Heart Stories Book 5)


Kay Springsteen

Editions:Kindle: $ 0.99
ISBN: 1490361324
Pages: 227

The story that began on a North Carolina beach with a blind marine, a divorced mother, and a child with Down syndrome continues as the young family struggles to adapt to a new addition. Now eight months pregnant, Trish worries about her baby, her daughter, and her husband. But maybe she should be more concerned with herself. Dan struggles to prove himself at work in the face of what others consider his disability. As he wrestles with his job, he is also concerned with life at home and the impending birth of his son. How will he connect with a son when he’ll never even be able to play a game of catch with him?

Reviews:Iris Blobel on Goodreads wrote:

I was looking forward to reading another book with Trish, Dan and daughter Bella. I loved Heartsight and Camp Wedding - if you have as well, this one is a must!

Trish is eight months pregnant, and Dan's worried about the impending fatherhood. Worried about his ability to bond and look after his child.

Once you pick up the book, you won't want to put it aside again. Kay Springsteen's writing and use of words draws you in and doesn't let you go until the last page - and then you'll feel a warmth rushing through you when you've finished.

Loved it and have to give 10/10 for the Epilogue!

Let's hope for more 🙂

Bethany Swafford on Goodreads wrote:

The story of Trish and Dan continues. With a new baby on the way, this new family must face concerns about the future and the present.

This is the continuation of Trish and Dan's story that I wanted to read. To watch them move towards a larger family with legitimate concerns about the coming baby, that was fun. It was also nice to see the characters from Heartsent, it connects that story to the one being told in all the other 'Heart' series.

Occasionally, there were some almost crude comments made by a couple characters, but nothing really offensive.

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