Father, Son & Grace


Cindy Hiday

Father Son & Grace
Editions:Paperback: $ 10.93
ISBN: 1505267811
Pages: 338
Kindle: $ 4.99
ISBN: 1505267811
Pages: 340

Benny, an eleven-year-old with Down syndrome and a love for action movies, decides to save his grieving dad from the dark halo of death, setting off a chain of adventures and accidental heroism that stretches from Ohio to Nevada.

Ray just wants to sleep. Racked with guilt and plagued by insomnia, he sees a road trip as a way to put distance on the memories that haunt him and his son in their empty house.

Grace knows what fate her memory lapses hold in store. Panicked and desperate to visit an icon from her past before she forgets it ever existed, she travels a route unplanned, in a car from the past, a white man at the wheel and his curious son in the back seat. She can't shake the feeling the boy controls the journey and something greater than their physical selves rides shotgun.

A story of friendship, self-discovery, and forgiveness.

Reviews:Tammy Jo on Amazon wrote:

I read the whole book in one evening because I was enjoying traveling through, Father, Son and Grace's journey with them. I especially enjoyed the son. He's great. You cannot help but love him. But you shall have to read the book yourself to understand why. He is a very unusual and special character. So pour yourself a drink or as in my case make a good cup of tea, and give your self an evening or two off. Go on a trip with some new friends. I did and it was well worth my time!

Old Logger on Amazon wrote:

Guided by an eleven year old "mystic," an unlikely trio of characters make a journey. Tense moments along the way are often diffused by Benny's antics while simultaneously plucking the reader's heart strings. The read is refreshingly good medicine.

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