Ceci & Lucy Sturman 

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ISBN: 1093254173
Pages: 165

Enabled is the memoir of Ceci and Lucy Sturman, following a love story of inseparable sisterhood. A vulnerable exposition of their relationship illuminates how Lucy (19), radiant, theatrical, diagnosed with Down Syndrome, has been able to claim her ability with the help of her older sister. Similarly, how Ceci (22), artistic, prone to anxiety, has come to terms with her own. With both sisters alternating perspectives through a mix of poetry and prose, Enabled aims to offer both beauty and truth to the special needs community.

Reviews:Ciao Malz on Amazon wrote:

‘Enabled’ helps us understand a world we may not know through experimental story telling. For those who have not had the privilege to meet these two, this book is a great insight into their life. Both navigate around their experiences regarding DS by defining moments of love, coming of age, and acceptance. The structure varies from short poems, to stories, and moments of reflection. Making it a textured read (even for a distracted reader). As someone who has not had a lot of experience in the community, this book conveys a much better understanding than the general article or text about the topic of DS. From the youthful tone and great hope for the future - I look forward to what's to come.

Joe Libertz on Amazon wrote:

The vignettes of two young women, their achievements, challenges and their faith filled walk will move you to your own evolving and personal emotions. The unique journey of Cici and Lucy, began when one of them was born “different.” You will be sucked into the family dynamic and support system. You will cry for their vulnerabilities and remember your own “issues” perhaps in a gentler way. It is with courage, love and faith that they go boldly into a world that does not always celebrate differences.

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