Down’s Syndrome: the Biography


Chris Nancollas

Downs Syndrome the Biography
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Down's Syndrome: The Biography presents an accessible and entirely necessary back history of Down's Syndrome: the genetic condition diagnosed by John Langdon Down that continues to affect a significant number of adults and children across the globe. The story begins in Cornwall, the birth place of Langdon Down, and travels back and forth through the ages, from the Aztecs and the 'idiots' of the Medieval period, through the revolutions in science and medicine in the 18th and 19th centuries and their impact on contemporary thought about learning disability and mental illness, to the asylum movement, eugenics and subsequent post-war policies of inclusion and community provision. The book is thoroughly researched, and has compassion at its core, but avoids taking on an overly judgemental or sentimental tone. Instead, Chris Nancollas' writing is lively, witty and truly engaging, making for a fascinating and genuinely worthwhile read.
Reviews:An Howell on Amazon wrote:

This is an extremely interesting book that gives a good and fascinating history of the acceptance/inacceptance of people with Down Syndrome within society and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to gain an understanding of this. The bit that fustrated me is that on many occassions the author talks about Down's Syndrome children/adults even though early in the book he says about the importance of using the terminology a child/adult with Down Syndrome. This matter might seem small but it is a big issue when it comes to supporting our society to see the person first and not any disability.

Jen on Amazon wrote:

Interesting history of Learning disability in general as well as focus on Downs Syndrome. Easdy to read good background for professionals but could also be a good read others.

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