Downs and Ups: A Memoir of Hope and Resilience for Parents


Sue Lachman

Downs and Ups
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.91Paperback: $ 9.80
ISBN: 1656989158
Pages: 208

She expected the perfect life

…but what came next knocked her off her game.

Who could have seen these challenges coming?

Sue Lachman married the man of her dreams. It was time to start the family that would give her the dream life. When the second pregnancy ended it in tragedy, she started to have doubts.

Was her fairy-tale dream even possible?

Then her fourth child, her only daughter was born with Down Syndrome and doctors recommended she stop having children. so she adopted a little boy with Down Syndrome and then Sue sank into a deep depression. This wasn’t how it was supposed to go.

The heartbreaks continued.

Her priorities got out of line with what was important.

She needed a change.

In this memoir, you’ll learn how Sue remade her life into the dream she always imagined. This book covers:

- Insights to managing anger and frustration.

- How to alleviate misunderstandings

- Ways to stare down hardships while keeping calm and collected

You’ll love this real-life story of triumph, because the lessons that changed Sue’s life will change yours, too.

Reviews:Paul on Amazon wrote:

This heartfelt emotional memoir portrays the author’s very personal story of the trials and tribulations with life’s many “ups & downs” when life raises you up and knocks you down. From depression & anxiety about being a mom and raising a family with all its joys & struggles. She discovers a new understanding on how life works. From the misunderstanding that how our feelings & emotions are affected by outside circumstances which seem out of our control and loss of hope to a new understanding that we can have an inner calm of peace within the storms of life and ride the waves of turmoil that life unexpectedly sends our way with grace & resiliency.

The author is very brave and courageous for sharing this very personal story so that others can gain insight & wisdom on how to handles life many “ups & downs”.

Donald Reich on Amazon wrote:

One of the best books I've read in a long time. This memoir really puts things into perspective yet is incredibly uplifting to read. Can't wait to see what other books Sue Lachman will publish!! Thanks for sharing your inspiring story with the world.

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