Anarchy and Old Dogs (Dr. Siri Mysteries Book 4)


Colin Cotterill

When a blind former dentist is run over by a truck, Dr. Siri Paiboun, the reluctant national coroner of Laos, suspects that this was no traffic accident. A coded message in invisible ink is recovered from the dentist’s body, and Dr. Siri begins to follow clues that hint at deep—and dangerous—political intrigue. Dr. Siri only intended to investigate a murder; is he now being drawn into an insurrection? Will he, as a fortune teller predicts, betray his country?

Reviews:meymoon on Amazon wrote:

The entire Dr. Siri series is quite well written. Almost every book has a very good story line. The characters are very well developed and the mysteries are well thought out and fun to read.

Partly because these series take place in an Eastern country (Laos) there is that whole supernatural element to them. The main character (Dr. Siri) hosts a thousand year old Shaman in his body. Now, if you can't get over having to accept that, you should definitely skip reading these books because that part is central to all of them. I thought that it might bother me but the way the author introduces this fact and weaves it into the story, makes you kind of just go with it. I now find that it doesn't bother me at all and in fact, adds to the story.

Ironically, what's more unbelievable for me is that a 73 year old can do all the things Dr. Siri does, suffer such horrible injuries and just keep going. Having parents in that age range, it seems to me very unlikely that people of that age could bounce back so quickly from all the various injuries Dr. Siri sustains.

Be that as it may, these books are all definitely worth reading. Not only are they great stories, they have taught me so much about Laos, it's culture and its history, something I knew absolutely nothing about. I read some reviews saying that the books are propaganda or re-writing of history. My thought is that you read historical fiction to get a feel for the country, culture, habits, etc., and if you want an accurate history, you read a few historical books and make up your own mind. This author's portrayal of the US-Laos conflict is not God's word and I don't think he expects it to be!

Joyce on Goodreads wrote:

I love Dr. Siri !!!! Thank you Colin Cotterill for continuing this series. I loved the first book in the series, The Coroner's Lunch, but I swear that they keep getting better with each subsequent book ! They are full of humor, political sarcasm, history of Laos and their culture and wonderful zany characters who you get attached to more and more with each book. And of course there's always a mystery or two for Dr. Siri and friends to figure out, sometimes with the help of dead people who arrive in Dr. Siri's dreams with clues. I literally laugh out loud at times reading these books. I look forward to them so much and I can only hope Colin Cotterill keeps Dr. Siri alive for many, many more years.

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