A Special Education in Anxiety


Bradley Smith

A Special Education in Anxiety
Editions:Kindle: $ 3.99
ISBN: 1985577968
Pages: 185
Paperback: $ 10.95
ISBN: 1985577968
Size: 5.25 x 8.00 in
Pages: 184

Anxiety is consuming the life of Michael Smith, a young Special Education teacher, causing him to feel hopeless and defeated. He constantly worries about his next cycle of fuzzy-headed thoughts, and sweat that sprouts like a virus and rolls off his face. Michael is trying to keep his anxiety from derailing what he is truly passionate about—teaching his class of middle school students with autism, Down syndrome, and other special needs.

In A Special Education in Anxiety, the reader will meet Michael’s unique and engaging class who experience a year together of positive breakthroughs and heartbreaking loss. His special needs students, as well as some unexpected adults, will be key in Michael’s pursuit of overcoming his anxiety.

Reviews:John B. on Amazon wrote:

A simple, easy to read book with a profound impact. It gave me insight I never had about how anxiety disorder affects some people. Written in story/novel style , it is easy to read while learning about the very real and debilitating problem of severe anxiety. I don't have anxiety attacks so this book helped me develop an awareness of what others go through. It grew my empathy and understanding and respect for people like Bradley Smith who continue to live a productive and happy life while navigating something so difficult. I gave this book to a friend who has a 20 yr. old child dealing with anxiety attacks. It was helpful to her. Bradley Smith's openness about his journey with anxiety is encouraging. He has shed light upon anxiety and, in doing so, has decreased the power of anxiety to ruin his life. In sharing his journey, others will find hope that they, too, can grow in their ability to deal with anxiety in a way that isn't a quick fix but an effective life-transforming and growing experience.

JJ on Amazon wrote:

Experience the heart and mind of an imperfect and endearing Special Education teacher as he bravely navigates the ups and downs of his professional calling amidst his own internal storm caused by an anxiety disorder.

Bradley Smith brings to life the unique world of the Special Education classroom with all of it's characteristics and colors. Equally does he shed light upon the dark corners of the anxious mind as he leads his hero to confront his fears.

In this fast-paced narrative, that addresses some of life's heaviest subjects, themes of love, faith and hope abound in clear contrast. The tone is optimistic and even light-hearted.

This is a book full of insightfulness and authenticity that embraces life from one end of the spectrum to the other.

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