A Solitary Grief


Bernice Rubens

A Solitary Grief Hardcover
ISBN: 1856190579
Pages: 240
Paperback: $ 11.65
ISBN: 0349102201
Size: 5.00 x 7.75 in
Pages: 240

Dr. Alistair Crown is disappointed when his wife gives birth to a daughter, but when he learns that she has Down syndrome, he rejects the child

Reviews:Fuchs Joan on Amazon wrote:

Thoroughly human, the inability of a person to deal with something he thinks just not right, or the biggest disappointment of his life. Ultimately shocking, but in a very gripping way. Leaves you stunned.

Kristine on Goodreads wrote:

This is a very good psychological drama that explores themes of identity, expectations, parental love and relationships. There are some quite unusual twists and turns, and the ending really took me by surprise. It started slowly, but as it progressed I could barely put it down. Certainly not what I expected from the opening pages of the story.

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