A Fire in My Bones


Beverly Severson Lindbo

A Fire in My Bones
Editions:Paperback: $ 14.95
ISBN: 099826430X
Size: 5.50 x 8.50 in
Pages: 408

Does God always redeem tragedy? An unexpected death and an adoption in jeopardy compel Betsy O’Brien to make a decision that will change the direction of her life. Panic stricken and angry, she leaves behind the people she loves and embraces the unknown with the help of a willing accomplice. In search of a quiet life with her child, each of Betsy’s days is haunted by the fear of discovery and by a greater loss of the faith she knew as a child. Will she ever be able to repair the damage her actions have caused and go home again? And what of the justice she seeks?

Reviews:Richard E. Walker Jr. on Amazon wrote:

You just have to read if your want a great story line that draws you in from the first page and continues to the end. Recommend to all!!

Michelle Connell on Goodreads wrote:

The character development in this story is excellent. Betsy loses her Air Force husband, Dan, and then just a few weeks later she gets a call from their daughter's birth mother who says she wants her baby back. Of course, Betsy is completely attached to Emma and can't imagine her life without her. Emma has Downs Syndrome and needs special care. Why would her birth mother want her back now? Betsy goes to extremes to keep Emma. This is a fantastic story of life, love and loss.

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